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A Letter from Dan and Heather Litchfield

Dear Winter Street Baptist Church,

I hope this letter finds you healthy and joyous in the Lord! For us, Thanksgiving marks a transition in our ministry as the rush and enthusiasm of the fall ebbs into the celebratory season of Christmas on campus. As students turn their thoughts toward home and finals, we can pour more energy into our national roles within Lifelines.

We just returned from a regional Cru staff conference and were so encouraged to hear reports from staff we have served this year. One New York director thanked us for investing in his student women through our summer expeditions. Those he has sent to our Acadia project for the past few years have come back radically changed, leading on campus, and going on to do international ministry. He wants to send more this summer.   Likewise, one of our Boston metro directors told Dan that in addition to students, she thought all Cru staff should do a Lifelines expedition.

Comments like these confirm that God is at work through Lifelines. We see evidence of the Lord's work, too, as He adds to our numbers and expands us geographically.  Dan recently took a scouting trip to the mid-south where we will establish a new Lifelines team next January. The Lord is even extending our reach globally; national Cru leaders in New Zealand have invited us to come and develop a Lifelines ministry in their country in the hopes of reaching their 180,000 college students.

This, in fact, is why I am writing.   As the National Field Director for Lifelines, Dan is traveling to New Zealand for ten days this January to meet with the national staff, visit the universities, talk with students there, and scout nearby outdoor venues.  The goal is to assess the spiritual climate and seek God's vision together for using the outdoor ministry in reaching students. We will likely send a STINT team there next year that will spend seven months training local staff.

Although Dan's in-country expenses will be covered, we need to raise money for his airfare, which is close to $2,OOO. We are excited about the opportunity to expand the ministry internationally for the first time, and about the strategic opportunity to reach the numerous East Asian students who attend universities in New Zealand with a desire for a "western" education. Would you join us in this effort by giving a special gift this month to help cover Dan's travel expenses? Any extra money we raise will go toward the few thousand dollars of ministry expenses we have not reimbursed.

Thank you so much for your support and for your prayers. It seems that God is opening doors everywhere and I am giddy with anticipation!   I will be sure to update you as God directs each step toward the students He has chosen.

                                                                                                                       In the service of Christ our King,

                                                                                                                       Dan & Heather

To give an extra gift, go to https://give.cru.org/0471372

(posted 12.15.15)


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Beth Roberts (Guinea)

Dear Friends at Winter Street Baptist Church,

In July 2015, Beth Roberts left the United States for a new term of ministry in Guinea.

Beth will be teaching Training of Trainers for the CHE Program (Community Health

Education/Evangelism) while temporarily in Senegal. She was asked to come and help teach this

course to several missions who are interested in using this method. August 28 - September 5 she

will travel to Ghana and take part in a health ministry conference in Accra. Then Beth will go

back to Senegal and in mid-September go on to Guinea. She will also continue to work one day

a week with the health ministry team from afar using the CHE method with the nursing school


We acknowledge that the ultimate need is to know God.   I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus

at this critical time.

As Beth returns to Guinea, we know she likely will face opposition and obstacles. Let's join

hands together with her in prayer for effective and fulfilling ministry throughout this term of


We deeply appreciate each one of you who supports and prays for Beth. I pray that the Lord will

bless you in a special way as you have such a vital role in this ministry in Guinea. May the joy

of the Lord be your strength day by day.


Together for God's glory,

Bruce Johnson

President SIM USA

posted 8/23/15

From William and Ann Clemmer 

August, 2016


Lord, set the captives free...

We returned to Africa in late July beginning with Bill's visit to South Sudan, a country once again in the midst of civil war. The flight into South Sudan was literally a journey against a human tide as mission and relief organizations were undergoing a mass pull-out and the American Embassy was calling for the departure of U.S. citizens.  The history of South Sudan is one of tragedy and paradox. A people who fought for nearly forty years against a repressive Islamic government gained their independence just 5 years ago. We were thrilled to be in South Sudan at Independence to witness the birth of this new nation. Sadly 3 years later in 2013 the country was thrust into civil war when a people who fought for a generation to be free from the dominion of one ethnic group failed to settle their own ethnic differences.  A long awaited peace treaty signed in the spring of 2016 fell apart just last month when warring factions, brought together in the capital city of Juba to forge a new peace, failed in that quest and catapulted the country once more into chaos, destruction, and death. The country is again divided and in a state of turmoil and conflict.   The Old Testament Prophet, Isaiah, ministered to a divided nation. His words of comfort were not for the rulers ... but for those caught up in the turbulence, deprivation, and struggles of the day.

Isaiah's words to the humble and broken-hearted (from Is 61:1-4) tell of a freedom we all yearn to obtain:

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted ... to proclaim freedom for the captives to comfort all who mourn ... to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes.  They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.  They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated.  Sadly, the landscape in places we visit in South Sudan, is again one of pillaging, ashes, and devastation.   The good news is that there is hope.  Christ came to fulfill the words of Isaiah; to bind up broken hearts, proclaim freedom, comfort those who mourn, and set the captives free. Indeed in South Sudan, those caught in the middle have not lost hope. Such are the promises in Isaiah 61 which propel us forward with courage and conviction.

South Sudan is full of stories of churches which are growing in the face of conflict, people who are turning their hearts to the Lord in the wake of ethnic strife and asking for forgiveness. We recently hosted John Dau, a former South Sudanese 'lost boy' who was featured in the film "God Grew Tired of Us”.  John became a successful businessman in upstate New York after being rescued from a refugee camp in his teenage years.   He has devoted his life (and resources) to see the Kingdom of God reign in South Sudan and was one of those who made a treacherous visit back to South Sudan this spring to seek reconciliation between tribes.   Freedom is not something attained by treaties between governments or men but through the indwelling of the Spirit of the Lord.

Our mandate is to provide healing for the whole person, balm for the wounds ...and hope and encouragement for the soul through Christ's love.

With love and appreciation from the heart of Africa,

Bill and Ann Clemmer

(posted 9.13.16)


A Letter From Hugh & Martie Tracy (Peru): 

                Ambo-Pasco Quechua New Testament read-through highlights

They worked hard!

But there were lighter moments, too ...

When they read Matthew 26: 7 about Mary pouring the perfume over Jesus' head, the translation read that Mary broke the bottle over His head

and the perfume poured out.  Boy, did that qet big laughs from everyone.   Ralph and Lorenzo the most because they had translated it- and now

they had to work on it aqain, to make sure the meaning was correct!  

* Those who had not heard God’s Word in Quechua before were amazed     at the truths they understood. There was good discussion following     comments like “ It really says that?!"  or “ I never knew it meant that!"

* The group got excited about planning for the arrival of the New Testament in August, 2017, and were disappointed that it would take that long!   They have much to prepare and spread the good news.

* Pastor Lolo took charge of planning For that dedication. He has the “right connections”, knows how to get things done, and is a trusted leader.  He plans to obtain the use of the large stadium in Huariaca, a town on the main highway and in the center of the main language area.  

   Perfect!  Please pray for God’s continual covering and guidance for Pastor Lolo and all those involved in planning.

* Please pray for Ralph Toliver (translation consultant) to know God’s wisdom for the many final decisions and details that must be completed.

    One key decision is in regard to how to write one of the letters of the alphabet.

   Prior to the arrival of the New Testament, the Quechua people will be able to get the whole picture” via the “JESUS” film .   What does it take to dub the “Jesus” film into another language?   This clip will take you behind the scenes: https://vimeo.com/142561441. Lorenzo, Percy and Yolanda, and Eva participated along with many others.   At the end, Lorenzo and Percy speak of the powerful impact the film will have on the Quechua people.  Then Eva tells of the profound impact the Word, in her own mother tongue, had on her own heart, and that she finally, really understood the greatness of God’s love for her.

To God be all the glory for these milestones passed!

Your prayers have had a huge impact!  Thank you for your faithfulness!

Let us keep praying them on as they come down the backstretch!

Your prayers make a life -changing difference!


                        ‚ÄčMartie’s Musings

Thank you for praying for me!  I have finished editing the teacher-training documents in Spanish, and some are already being used at CILTA,  (the logistics, translation and literacy training school for Spanish speakers in Lima, Peru.  In November, I will start the copy edit for the corresponding English materials so that they, too, can be put on the SIL website’s bibliography.   (www.sil.org)

                        Great News:

SIL’s Bloom software has been chosen as the winner of the Enabling Writers competition, part of the All Children Reading initiative (a joint effort of USAID, AUSAID and World Vision).  BLOOM makes it simple for communities to publish their own mother-tongue reading materials.  Read more at:



                         Hugh's Highlights

This fall I am again assisting Dr. Sunny Hong in teaching the online course “Multicultural Teamwork”.  Dr. Hong’s personal experiences of growing up in Korea, working in the U.S. and the Phillipines, and also her knowledge of several cultures and languages, enriches her training and interaction with the students.  The students get their readings and lectures on the web, interact with each other via forums, write papers which are sent to Dr. Hon and me, and attend live Skype sessions.  It is a blessing to help train these dedicated new missionaries for working in multicultural teams!

                        Family News

Addelyn loves kindergarten!  Ginger and Troy are leading small groups at their church, helping couples who are struggling with marital issues.  Caleb continues working at the International Linguistic Center and taking classes at a community college.  Joshua has all advanced classes and loves being on his high school baseball team.  Brian continues in prison in Michigan.  He seems to be doing OK, and we can email and talk on the phone.  Thank you for praying for him.


News from the Tracys

Let the peoples praise You, 0 God; Let all the peoples praise You!       Psalm 67:3

~ Praise - progress on the Ambo-Pasco New Testament: Yolanda is reading through the entiretext one last time. Please pray that she will "catch" anything that needs to be changed. See the next page for milestones still to be completed. Please pray for the Quechua people who are promoting the Quechua N.T. in churches and via radio, planning for the celebration: the venue, musical groups, programs, etc. Pray for Marilynn Toliver, who is doing all the planning she can from Tennessee-much harder from a distance! Pray that the hearts of the Quechua people will be open and receive the Word with gladness.

~ Praise - that Hugh's job archiving documents on community development activities is nearing the end. It is tedious, but a very important responsibility. Our field work needs to be documented and made available electronically for our colleagues and for the governments in the countries where we work. Please pray he can get this done by mid-May.

~ Praise - for a new role for Hugh; he is learning to be a career advisor. Wycliffe needs more career advisors to assist people who are changing jobs, just as we were assisted when we moved to Dallas. Sometimes health issues dictate that some of our members need to live in the US and that often means a job change. And because the world is changing fast, some jobs need to be changed in order to meet current needs. We want to assist people to find the best job fit where they can best use their gifts to serve the Lord and advance Bible translation. Hugh enjoys working one-on-one with people and helping them realize their full potential. Please pray that he'll learn this new job well and be an encouragement to people who are changing jobs.

~ Praise - that Martie and Pat Davis are making progress preparing Pat's teaching materials for putting on the www.sil.org website so that others can use them to train literacy workers.  We often run into snags, such as copyright issues, that have to get worked out, so please continue to pray us on. Your prayers encourage us so much!

May the Lord bless and keep you, make His face shine upon you and give you peace.

Because of Jesus,

Hugh and Martie Tracy



Wyc1iffe Bible Translators

P. O. Box 628200

Orlando, FL 32862-8200


1-800-992- 5433


posted 5.31.2016


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